Stress Relief In Its Simplest Form


Stress relief…who has time for that?!

You should, that´s who.

Tell me, how often do you take time to stop and reflect in the middle of your busy, often hectic day?

Do you struggle with getting caught up in the avalanche of tasks demanding your attention only to feel like you´re being tossed in every direction at once?

Purpose vs Misconception

For many of us, the greater meaning of life is overshadowed by the misconception that we need to hurry and do more if we want to succeed. As a result, we wind up feeling overwhelmed; doing huge amounts of work with no sense of purpose.

The problem is we´re often so busy “doing”, we forget to make the time to rest, reflect and rejuvenate our minds.

STRESS is the result.

And yet, we keep trying to do MORE…asking ourselves:

  • Am I doing what´s really important to me?
  • Am I truly working towards where it is I want to go?
  • Is this what burnout feels like?

And when our schedules constrict, threatening to strangle us, it´s actually our minds that suffer most.

We focus so much on ticking things off our to-do lists we forget completely about taking care of ourselves…Exercising. Eating right. Resting.

Stress relief has to do with all those things.

The danger of getting caught up in an endless cycle of stress is falling into a downward spiral of overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout.

The Importance of Stopping

So, here´s the answer – stress relief in its simplest form, if you will…

Make time to reflect.

Not only will this one simple stress relief technique energize you, it will also help boost your productivity and lead you in making more effective decisions.

Driving yourself, working around the clock, never letting up only leads to stress. Truth is, when we forget to stop and rest, our concentration suffers. It doesn´t matter how hard we work, we simply cannot get as much done as when we take the time to give our minds a rest.

Being a Super Hero is Overrated

As humans, we can only work for so long before burning out. Realizing how much more effective we can be with a rested and refreshed mind and body can actually be liberating!

So take time to look closely at yourself, your needs, fears, thoughts, motivations and goals. Look inside and become more self-aware, then use that awareness to your advantage in managing your stress.

Believe it or not, reflection is a great fuel for the mind…motivating you while, at the same time, easing your nerves. Use it to adjust and tweak your daily routine to help maximize your success while minimizing the negative stress you feel.

Consider these questions:

  • Which values are most important to me?
  • What lessons have I learned from both my successes and my failures?
  • What have I accomplished in my life?
  • What do I still want to accomplish?
  • How do I let my beliefs limit me and what must I do to change them?
  • What do I like most about my work and does it give me a sense of purpose?
  • What are the special skills & knowledge I am able to contribute to my profession?
  • What area(s) of my life is out of balance and what will I do about it?

When it comes to self-reflection, there is no “best” way to go about it. We are all different, after all. Whether you take time before bed to reflect, use prayer or worship, write in a journal or share your thoughts with a loved one, the important thing is to make the time to DO it, on a regular basis.

You´ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how much further you can go in life when you give your mind the fuel it needs!

So tell me, how do you think you can use reflection to help you manage stress more effectively? Can you think of one specific action you will take today to start putting it to work in YOUR life?


Jan Marie

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Stress Relief in its simplest Form
Stress Relief in its simplest Form


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