How To Let Go Of Procrastination (Part 2)


Picking up where I left off in last article, today I want to talk about letting go of procrastination…

You know what you need to do. You even have a pretty good idea of how to do it. And, yet, you find yourself constantly putting off getting started.


The simple answer is fear.

We all struggle with procrastination at some level and fear is what keeps holding us back…

Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of something being difficult, uncomfortable or just plain confusing.

But where does that fear come from?

From an ideal we have in our minds. An ideal based on things being fairly comfortable and easy; an ideal where we see ourselves succeeding at whatever we set out to do.


Let’s look at Sarah…

Sarah has been wanting to write a book for the longest time. She knows putting this book together could really boost her business – she even has a rough outline written out and ready to go.

So, what´s holding her back?

Just moving to the next step of actually writing her book has Sarah feeling overwhelmed and confused. She knows it´s going to take weeks – if not months – to get it done and the thought of all that work looms bigger and bigger in her mind´s eye.

She´s not even really sure where to start, and the thought of having to do all the research and writing leaves her feeling more than just a little lost.

To be honest, just thinking about the size of the project scares her silly!

And it´s that fear that has her mind running from one distraction to another – checking her emails, hanging out on Facebook, checking to see what´s on TV.

Sarah´s fear stems from an ideal she´s not even aware of on a conscious level – and yet, it´s still there.

The ideal that life will be comfortable and easy and that she´ll know what she´s doing, so she feels competent and successful.

When circumstances don´t match this ideal, Sarah slips into avoidance.

And, if we´re honest, you and I do exactly the same thing…


Procrastination, Fear & A Simple Solution

When you have an ideal, you fear not meeting that ideal. Still, you hold onto it and, in your mind, it becomes real.

So, what can Sarah (and we!) do about an ideal that causes the fear that leads to procrastination?

The solution is to let go of the ideal.

Let go of thinking life has to be easy. Truth be told, tackling the challenges life throws our way is how we achieve anything of value.

Let go of thinking life has to be comfortable. Taking a step outside our comfort zone, and then another, is how we grow.

Let go of thinking you always have to know what you are doing. Learning is part of living and when we do things we don´t know how to do, we expand our horizons.

Next time you find yourself dragging your feet in the face of a new challenge, be grateful for the struggle that leads to achievement, the discomfort that leads to growth and the uncertainty that leads to learning.

Let go of those ideals inside your head and the fear will begin to fade.

Accept that some things in life are both difficult and uncomfortable – embrace that fact and do them anyway!

Stop thinking about what might be and focus on doing what needs to be done, in the moment.

Here´s the cure for procrastination:


It works every single time.


Jan Marie

Check back next week when our focus is going to be on letting go of the fear that´s behind so many of the problems we face.

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How to let go of procrastination
How to let go of procrastination


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