Define Your Perfect Day


The sad fact is many people don’t have a clue what they really want and they don’t know how to go about changing their life, even if they did. They look at others who are successful and happy; people who are doing amazing things with their lives and wonder what the secret is…

The truth is we are all unique and we all have something special to share with the world. We all deserve to live a life that is filled with joy and excitement.

Still, when it comes to living the joyful life of your dreams, you have to start by defining what exactly that looks like for you…

And sometimes, that´s so much easier said than done!

In fact, this is something that trips up many of my clients – which isn´t really all that surprising when you think of the multitude of choices we´re faced with, each and every day.

Quite truthfully, in our Type A-driven society, sometimes “doing all the time” can keep you from seeing what matters most.

It can make it harder to slow down and listen within, which complicates things when it comes to deciding the best path to helping you create more joy in your life.

That’s why I´m writing this post…

It´s based on a visualization exercise I learned while being trained as a master life coach. That exercise has helped me gain clarity and focus to create the joyful life I´m living now and I hope it will do the same for you.


Ready To Create More Joy in Your Life?

Before I continue, promise me something – promise that you won’t rush the exercise. Block out a couple of hours, grab a pen and paper and get comfortable.

Don’t worry. This exercise isn´t difficult. In fact it’s really a lot of fun! To do it justice thought, you do need to spend some time on it.

As simple as it may seem at first, the “Perfect Day” exercise is very powerful. So, powerful that it can actually transform every area of your life from weight loss and relationships to enjoying greater personal success and making more money. As Stephen Covey once said, the key is to start with the end in mind.

Once you’ve gone through the steps, you will be on the best path to knowing exactly what you have to do to create a more joy-filled life.


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My Perfect Day Exercise – Part 1

Even if you have done this exercise before, please take the time to do this again as it is a very powerful way to change your life. There are two parts to this exercise. The first part involves writing out your perfect day and is best done when you are feeling calm & relaxed. As I said before, block out a couple of hours, grab a pen and paper and get comfortable.

Close your eyes for a moment and relax. Imagine you are living your perfect day, right now. Visualize yourself going through your entire day – hour by hour – from the moment you wake up, take a shower, have breakfast and go through your daily activities right up until the time you go to sleep. Then open your eyes and begin writing out how you just imagined living your perfect day. Write using as much detail as you possibly can.

Use these questions to help you as you go:

  • Where are you living?
  • What does your home look like?
  • What time in the morning are you waking up?
  • Who is lying next to you?
  • What are you eating for breakfast?
  • How do you spend your morning?
  • Do you work out? What kind of sports or hobbies do you enjoy doing?
  • Do you have children? How old are they? What do they look like?
  • What kind of food do you like to eat for lunch? Who is sitting at the table with you?
  • What kinds of people do you call your friends?
  • What kind of conversations do you have with them?
  • What kind of work do you do? If you have a business, how successful is it?
  • What time do you start work?
  • How many hours do you work each day or week?
  • What’s your relationship like with your partner or spouse and your family?
  • How do you spend family time together?
  • What do you eat for dinner? Where do you have dinner?
  • What do you talk about at dinner? Who else is there?
  • What kind of clothes are you wearing?
  • How do you spend your evening?
  • Who do you spend your time with?
  • What are your last thoughts before you fall asleep?
  • What time do you go to sleep?

My Perfect Day Exercise – Part 2

The next step in this exercise is to begin making changes to your life so that you are living your life in a way that is one step closer to the perfect day you have just designed for yourself.

You may not be able to create more joy in your life all at once but you can start blocking out time in your schedule now for doing more of the things you love and spending quality time with those who matter most.

The more you introduce aspects from this exercise into your current life, the quicker you will manifest the life you’ve designed in your mind´s eye. Along the way you may learn things about yourself that you weren’t aware of.  You will also start to make better, more conscious decisions about how to spend your time and what to focus on.


Final Thoughts…

When I first did this exercise, I was amazed by what I learned about myself and what it was I wanted most.

Through the visualization of my perfect day, I was able to give myself permission to imagine my most joyful life. I was able to get clear on what mattered most to me, discover how I truly wanted to live my life and determine the goals I needed to pursue to move closer to the kind of future I wanted.

In fact, each time I’ve done this exercise, I’ve gained greater and deeper insights. It’s also helped me make significant changes to my life – from leaving a way of life I had come to dislike to setting up a lifestyle business online, attracting the type of clients I want to work with and creating a plan to move to the place I want to live.

On an emotional level, getting clear on my perfect day vision has galvanized me into action and helps keep me motivated when things don´t always go right. It’s made it easier to say no to people and things that aren’t aligned with my new exciting life plan.

Taking the time to define your perfect day can also spark an unstoppable passion and new-found happiness in you.

At the very least it will get you thinking about the joy-filled life you could have and the one you deserve. So, don’t sell yourself short. Put the effort into discovering what lights you up inside and then start taking small steps to make it a reality. That is what life´s all about and I´m here to help you see it through.


Jan Marie

For more tips, tools and trainings on how to create more balance, joy and meaning in your life, CLICK HERE to join the JoySeeker Inner Circle today. 

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How To Define Your Perfect Day
How To Define Your Perfect Day


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