Learning To Let Go: Why It´s Important (Part 1)


I remember reading an article a few years ago on the power of learning to let go. I don´t remember who wrote it but the underlying idea in that article stuck with me and has gradually impacted every aspect of my life to this day.

Here´s what I learned…

All of our problems stem from an inability to let go.

It sounds almost too simple to be true. And, yet…

If you see a bird, flying overhead, what do you think it´s thinking about?

Is it wondering why it can´t be the early bird that gets the worm? Is it worried that the color of its feathers is less vibrant than that of the other birds? Is worrying about its nest-building goals for this year?

Of course not.

On the other hand, thanks to our highly developed brains, we humans have a lot more going on inside our heads than little feathered friends do. We are creative problem-solvers with a tendency to overthink things, fall prey to anxiety and self-doubt, and generally get in our own way when comes to getting things done.

Not only that, we not only worry about things that happen to us, things about might happen at some unknown time in the future and we dwell on memories of things in the past.

I guess, having a bigger brain might not be as wonderful as it´s cracked up to be. What do you think?


Stress & Learning to Let Go

Over the past several years, I´ve put a lot of energy into learning to let go. And during that time, I´ve seen some really amazing results!

I procrastinate a lot less. I´ve lowered my stress levels. My relationships with both family and friends have improved. I´ve become much better at living in the moment and making positive changes in my life has become a whole lot easier.

The advantages of learning to let go are tremendous…

unfortunately, the resistance most of us feel toward learning to let go is tremendous as well.

Here´s what I mean…

Let´s take stress, for example.

Stress comes from expectations. We want something to go a particular way – then it doesn´t.

If you can learn to let go of your expectations; if you could learn to accept and appreciate things the way they are in the moment, much of the stress you feel would be a thing of the past.


What about procrastination?

Procrastination comes from very low levels of motivation combined with the fear of failure, confusion, discomfort and a sense of overwhelm.

Learning to let go of constantly wanting things to be comfortable, successful and easy-to-do, is important here. Instead, welcome the variety of experiences available to you and just get started!

Habits are next in line. Most of us have such a hard time making positive changes in our lives. Instead of simply taking small steps that add up to massive change, we keep putting them off; turning from distraction to distraction, all day long.

This one was probably one of the hardest for me to let go…

Allowing myself to feel frustrated or irritated by what others say and do.

It´s so easy to feel irritated when people don´t behave the way we want them to. Instead of realizing that their behavior has more to do with them than with us, we get angry, feel frustrated and let it cloud our happiness.

If you really want to improve your relationships, learn to let go of wanting others to be a certain way. Show them love and acceptance and you´ll almost certainly receive the same in return…I know I have.


Valuable Lessons

Both death and loss can bring unbelievable pain and suffering. Losing a loved one, being faced with a serious illness or suddenly losing your job can turn your world upside down in more ways than one.

That´s when learning to let go could be one of the most valuable lessons you ever learn.

And what about living in the present? How good are you at enjoying each moment as it comes?

So many people spend their time clinging to the past or chasing after the future that they miss out on the only live they´ll ever have; the life that´s happening right here and now.

Learn to let go of your obsession with the past or the future and focus on experiencing the present for all it´s worth!

And then there´s fear.

When you´re struggling to lose weight, start a new business or finally write that book, it´s fear that holds you back; fear of wanting things to be a certain way and not knowing whether you can manage it or not.

I´ll go into this more in future blog posts but suffice it to say…

if you can learn to let go of your expectations about how things should be, you can loosen fear´s grip on you as well.

I hope you can see, from all I´ve shared with you here, just how valuable learning to let go can be when it comes to dealing with the many challenges life throws our way.

I´m not saying it´s easy. But it can be learned.

In fact, it can be learned in as little as 5 minutes each day.

And if you´re willing to put in the time; if you´re willing to do the work, those 5 minutes can lead to some amazing results.

So, keep your eye out for my upcoming blog posts on each of the problems mentioned above – stress, procrastination, death/loss, living in the present and fear – where I´ll share how you can develop and practice the “skill of letting go”.


Jan Marie

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Learning To Let Go
Learning To Let Go


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