On Learning To Focus (Part 4)


In past weeks, we´ve talked about the importance of letting go, letting go of procrastination, as well as fear and unrealistic expectations. Today, I want to talk learning to focus in a world full of distraction…

Let me ask you something.

What do you do when you don´t want to focus on something because it´s hard or uncomfortable?

You let yourself get distracted, that´s what!

You might say that distraction is the flip side of procrastination…

Think about it. Distractions are comfortable and easy. Chances are you´re probably even pretty good at them.

You´re not afraid of them. You don´t fear failing at them. They don´t make you feel uncomfortable or uncertain – from Facebook and video games to flipping through a magazine or watching TV, our mind loves chasing after distractions when the going gets rough…

So, how do you let go of distraction and embrace what really matters?

By learning how to focus.

Give this little exercise a try:

  1. Take a closer look at your distraction of choice. Why do you think it appeals to you so? Does it give you some kind of validation? Is it entertaining? Does it give you the feeling of being in control?

This appeal is what you´re craving and why you feel drawn to doing it in the first place.

  1. Now focus on looking at the disadvantage this distraction holds for you. How is it actually hurting you?
  1. Think about the fact that this distraction only gives you temporary pleasure in place of lasting happiness. Like an addiction, once you get a small dose of pleasure, you need another hit and another, with no end in sight.
  1. Concentrate on learning to focus by letting go of the distractions…just for a bit. Practice being happy with your life without that distraction. What can you be grateful for in this moment?
  1. What other sources of happiness can you find inside yourself? Distractions are on the outside – look inside and practice being happy with who you are, this very moment.
  1. Feel and enjoy the freedom that comes from letting go of the distraction.

This exercise for learning to focus really isn´t difficult, if you take it in small doses. Go through it now, for a minute or two, and then do it again in a little bit.

The more you practice it, the easier it gets.

Believe me, letting go of distraction is a good thing.


Jan Marie

Check back next week when we´ll focus on dealing with change and learning to let go of the desire so many of us have to control the people and things in our lives.


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On Learning to Focus
On Learning to Focus


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