How To Stay Positive Checklist


Checklists help keep us focused on those things that are most important; those things that need to get done.

And yet, they are not just for to-do lists. They can also be invaluable in helping keep our minds and emotions focused.

Checklists are for those of us determined to make our dreams reality. That´s why I´m sharing my How To Stay Positive Checklist with you here. I want a smooth and consistent path to living my dreams…and I want that for you, too.

When I review my How To Stay Positive Checklist I am far less likely to stray from my path or get bogged down in negative mental chatter.

When I forget to review my checklist, I can get caught up in all kinds of negative, disempowering activity.

Going over my How To Stay Positive Checklist the first thing in the morning is a great way to start my day. I hope it will be a great way for you to start yours =)


Raising Awareness For A Joyful Life

Am I living my life as if my dreams are possible?

Am I doing what I can each day to make my dreams happen?

When I talk to myself, am I saying positive things?

Am I thinking about good things so they can expand into my life?

Do I understand that what I think influences my choices, my decisions and my actions?

Am I filling my mind with good and positive things to help steer my life in a positive direction?

Do I have positive expectations?



When bad things happen, do I turn them into something better?

When I fail, do I still get back up again and continue working on my dreams?

Do I understand that I can change any area of my life by changing the way I think?

Do I understand that change first happens in my mind?

Am I prepared to do whatever it takes to realize my dream?

Do I do something that scares me (even just a little bit!) every, single day?

Do I spend more time looking for a way forward than looking for excuses?

Am I doing my best and not worrying about the rest?

Do I repeat positive thoughts until my mind repeats them back to me?

Am I committed to my dreams with all my heart, my mind and my strength?

Do I let the sound of my dreams drown out the naysayers in my life?

Do I use the power of visualization to control the focus of my mind?

When challenges arise, am I prepared to stick to my purpose, modify my plan and focus on my dreams?

Are my beliefs positive, empowering, resourceful, and limitless?

Do I practice daily gratitude in my life? How does that make me feel?


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Jan Marie


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How To Stay Positive Checklist
How To Stay Positive Checklist


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