How To Supercharge Feeling Joy


​Ever wish you could supercharge feeling joy in your life? Well, today, I´m going to show you how. And that starts with helping you understand this:

Everything – absolutely everything – you want in life, you want because of how you believe having, experiencing or achieving that thing will make you feel.

You never want anything that you want for any other reason than that it will make you feel something.

Emotion is the only motivator.

The only thing you want is to be feeling joy of some kind.

And because you want that feeling of joy, you create a set of beliefs around what has to happen to make you feel that way.  How certain situations have to play out; how specific people need to behave, in order for you to feel the way you want to feel.

Here´s the thing though…

If you feel that circumstances need to change for you to rediscover the joy that´s missing in your life, there´s a much easier way.


Look At The Flip Side

You might not have thought of this before but there is another side to that coin.

Not only is trying to change all the circumstances in your life a really hard thing to do, it´s not necessary.

There is another way. You could choose to…

  • Feel good now
  • Focus on the positive
  • Show gratitude
  • Step away from destructive conversations, activities or people
  • Let go of what you can´t change
  • Look at life from a different perspective

You really do have the ability to choose to feel good no matter what is happening to you now.


Feeling Joy Takes Practice

There´s no magic bullet, of course. You can´t snap your fingers and just make things magically change.

Opening yourself to feeling joy takes practice.

You don´t need to set up rules in your life about how things need to be for you to be happy. You can be happy by choosing to feel joy in your body and using your mind to make that happen.


Joy Is Like A Bowl of Lemons

Let me show you how you can feel or experience something that has nothing to do with what´s actually going on in your life…

Imagine that I´ve just walked into the room where you are. It´s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and I´ve brought you some wonderfully fresh lemons from my garden. Their distinct clean, citrusy smell wafts through the room as I walk over to where you´re sitting.  

I take out a knife and slice through one of the lemons, juice squirting in every direction.

The fresh pungent smell of the lemon hits you with full force as I cut it into `smiles´ and give you one to put into your mouth.

Can you feel how your mouth puckers up and fills with saliva as the sharp sour taste touches your tongue?

Just about everybody does when I share this story. Why do you think that is?

Because your brain thinks you´re actually putting that slice of lemon in your mouth.

It doesn´t know the difference between what you imagine and what is real. It just sends the signal to your mouth to produce the saliva it needs to break down the acid in the lemon.

Even when that lemon is just a figment of your imagination.

The way your brain deals with emotions is no different.


The Games Your Mind Plays

Here´s another example…

Let´s say your phone is ringing, you pick it up and one of your nearest and dearest friends starts sharing the absolute best news you could ever imagine.

Maybe it´s something you´ve always wanted to hear or some heartfelt dream of yours that´s about to come true. And, as your friend shares this wonderful news with you, you hear her excitement and feel her enthusiasm – and the more you hear, the more energized and excited you become.

You jump up and dance around the room, smiling from ear to ear. This is such fantastic news; you just want to jump for joy! You are so pumped you feel like there´s nothing you can´t do!

Now finish up your imaginary phone call and ask yourself: did that just make me feel good?

Could you feel the excitement? Did you catch yourself smiling?

If yes, then answer me this…

Was there an actual phone call?


Was there any really good news?


It was just you using your imagination…and yet, you could feel it.

So, here´s the point I want to make…

We often believe there are things we need before we can feel what we want to feel.

If feeling joy is what you´re after, I challenge you to identify how joys feels for you and practice tapping into that feeling often.


Feeling Joy Is A Journey 

And so is life. It´s a journey where our emotions evolve – if we let them.

You learn a bit more about yourself every day. Why be miserable when there is a better option?

Feeling joy is something you can choose.

You don´t have to wait. You need to stop waiting.

Unconditional joy is yours for the taking. All you have to do is choose to feel it, embrace it and practice it.


Supercharge Your Joy

You see, the joy you´re looking for is already inside you. It always has been.

It´s just gotten crowded out by all the other emotions being triggered by what´s going on around you. If feeling joy is what you want more of, here´s something simple you can do to get you started:

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths

Doing this does a couple of things: it allows you to grab the subconscious mind´s attention since it´s the subconscious mind that´s generally in charge of your breathing, and that helps relax you. And, the more relaxed you are, the more open you are.

Step 2: Remember a time when you felt intense joy

Feel that intense joy now. Hear what you heard at the time. See what you saw. Use all your senses to experience that deep feeling of joy, right here and right now.

Expand on it. Intensify it. Really let that feeling of joy flood your body and all of your senses. Bask in that feeling; experience it as fully as you possibly can.

Now, tell yourself: every time I do this exercise, I will feel more and more joy, faster and faster.

When you feel joy, you radiate happiness. Always remember that you have the power to feel what you want to feel – at any given time.

Joy is within you. It´s just waiting for you to focus on it.


Jan Marie

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How To Supercharge Feeling Joy
How To Supercharge Feeling Joy Today


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