Life Coaching For Women


What you change today will improve all your tomorrows.

You want to change

…but what does that change look like? 



What is it you want? Do you even know?


You´re not choosing to feel frustrated and unhappy. And you don´t like feeling lost and confused about where you´re going.

I get that.

But moving forward means getting to know yourself on a whole new level.

I know this first-hand.

There are a lot of things you can do to change your life. Reconnecting with and understanding yourself is the most important one.

Life Coaching Changed My Life. It Can Change Yours, Too.

To be successful, life coaching needs to be the right move for you at the right time, with the right coach.

Answer these three questions to see if it´s right for you:

Question 1: Is life coaching right for you, right now?

A coaching exploration session is valuable time, just for you. It gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, talk about what´s going on in your life, explore what it is you want to change and how much you want to change it.

Life coaching isn´t therapy. Our focus isn´t on what´s gone wrong in the past. We look at where you are today and what you want for your future.

Coaching isn´t just for athletes, business executives and celebrities. It´s for everyone who wants to improve and grow on a personal level. It´s an investment in yourself and your life.

Coaching helps you see where you are, where you want to go and what´s been keeping you from taking that next step.

It also helps you see how your feelings often get in the way.

Because, yes. Feelings are important. They´re the driving force behind all the things you do and the many things you don´t. Working through feelings isn´t always nice or even easy. Quite often it´s the hardest work you´ll do because it changes everything.


Is life coaching the right thing for you, right now?

If your answer´s yes, move on to question #2…


Working with you, Jan Marie, has been the best growing experience of my life. You have made a huge positive impact on my life, thought me to be more confident and believe in myself. I will always be grateful to you for helping me get over my fears, and all the love and support you have given me through this journey. I want to thank you again for giving me this opportunity. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me.

Naghmeh M.

Question 2: Am I the right coach for you?

There are countless life coaches out there, all of them with different focuses, processes, and methodologies.

Much of what I teach is based on my own life experience. Over the years, I´ve discovered many things that work well and quite a few that don´t. Today I share that knowledge with other women (and a few special men), in my coaching practice.

I work exclusively online, and we meet in my virtual coaching “zoom-room”.

The biggest advantage here is that you don´t have to leave home at all. I am 100% there for you, no matter where you are in the world.

Could we be a good fit?

Let´s take a look:


We´re a great fit and you´ll definitely see results, if…


You feel stuck and frustrated about where your life is headed

You feel like something important is missing in your life

You struggle with deciding on your “next step”

You want to reconnect with who you are and what you really want

You´re ready to question beliefs that aren´t serving you anymore

You´re open to new thoughts and perspectives

You´re curious about what´s really possible for you in your life



I'm probably not the right coach for you, if...


You´re struggling with mental health issues that would be better treated by a doctor

You´re looking for someone to validate, motivate and persuade you to do what you have no intention of doing

You want someone to continually tell you what to do

You´re too busy blaming your circumstances to take full responsibility for yourself and your life

You ´re unwilling to look for the positive in every situation

You think life is unfair and don’t want to admit it.


I believe in looking for and embracing that special something in everyone I meet. Our work together is about your life, and I want the very best for you – always.

You can count on me to tell you the truth…even when some of those truths are uncomfortable. I´m not here to be your best friend, I´m here to be your coach. And I´ll do everything I can to give you the support and perspective you need to create the change you´re after.


Am I the right coach for you?

If your answer is yes, move on to question #3…

Jan Marie, before working with you, I wasn’t even aware of some hindering beliefs that have so often stopped me before, the need to be “perfect” at any cost being one of them. Your patience, wisdom and optimism empowered me to achieve some major breakthroughs in my business and my private life – within weeks! I can´t thank you enough!

Irina W.

How you´ve helped me transform perspectives and my business is nothing short of miraculous! Your technical knowledge, people skills and coaching are extraordinary, and your wise presence turns everything we do together into a learning moment.

The support you provide is above and beyond expectations with caring and panache. Thank you for helping me shape my legacy.

You are my “secret weapon” on so many fronts, I wish I could keep you all to myself!

William H.

Question 3: Is what I have to offer right for you?

With 20 years´ experience as a teacher, trainer, and mentor, as well as 5 years working as a life coach, I have gathered extensive knowledge in a wide variety of methodologies.

I am currently certified in the areas of Life, Accountability, and Behavioural Assessment Coaching. And because I´m just as passionate about learning as I am about helping others, I´m also working towards certification in the areas of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neurolinguistic Programming.

My coaching focuses on helping women explore their emotions, beliefs, and behaviours in order to discover what they want most, so they can create the balance, bliss and meaning that´s missing in their lives.

Does that sound like what you´re looking for?

Are you ready to let go of an “okay” existence and create exactly the kind of life you want to live? 

Then JoySeeker Coaching is right for you.

Your Investment in You

Few things are more effective than an intensive coaching conversation – 45 minutes focused fully and completely on you. You´ll be amazed at just how much you can change in a session.

I´ll show you how to slow down and stop making life harder than it has to be. Together, we´ll uncover the perfect path for you to create more balance, joy and meaning in your life.



Please choose the JoySeeker Coaching Package that´s best for you:

Saphire Package*

One-time fee of $1,200

  • 2 calls a month for 4 months (8 sessions, total)
  • Each session is 45 minutes, and fully focused on you & your specific needs
  • Dates subject to availability – I will do my best to find times that work for you
  • Online coaching in a safe space
  • Possible instalment plan: 3 payments of $425 each, $1,275 total – the first payment is due before the first coaching session

Pearl Package*

One-time fee $1,800

  • 3 calls a month for 4 months (12 sessions, total)
  • Each session is 45 minutes, and fully focused on you & your specific needs
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Online coaching in a safe space
  • Additional resources and worksheets as desired
  • Possible instalment plan: 3 payments of $625 each, $1,875 total – the first payment is due before the first coaching session

Ruby Package*

One-time fee $4,000

  • 4 calls a month for 4 months (16 sessions, total)
  • Each session is 45 minutes, and fully focused on you & your specific needs
  • You´ll be able to schedule a set day and time for your sessions during the program (only for platinum clients)
  • Online coaching in a safe space
  • Recordings of the session will be provided
  • Additional workbooks and resources
  • Possible instalment plan: 3 payments of $1,350 each, $4,050 total – the first payment is due before the first coaching session

*To give you added flexibility when booking your monthly coaching sessions, each package is valid for 150 days from the date of purchase.

Click the button below to request your no -obligation exploration session.

JoySeeker Coaching

JoySeekers are women, just like you, who want more out of life – and are willing to do something to get it.

You feel stuck and frustrated because you don´t know what to do next

You´re tired of thinking nothing´s ever going to change

You feel like something´s missing but you´re not sure what

You long to wake up each morning feeling excited and inspire

Living an “okay” life just isn´t enough anymore. You want to learn to manage your emotions, so you can live from a place of balance and joy. You´re ready to reconnect with yourself on a deep level and explore what that looks like for you. You want more meaning in your life and can´t wait to look at all the options and possibilities open to you.

If that sounds like you, then you´re definitely in the right place.

JoySeeker Coaching is a four-month program that includes either 8, 12 or 16 regular coaching sessions, depending on what you prefer.

You can find the details below.

Let me just say this…

The first few sessions can be the hardest. In the beginning, it´s easy to feel like nothing´s ever going to change. This is where frequency is key. The more often we meet, the more empowered you´ll feel to do what needs doing, to get what you want.

Over the course of four months, you get the support you need to keep you moving forward – especially when things get difficult and/or uncomfortable.

You only get to live life once. It´s up to you to create the one you want to be living.

Nothing changes until you take the first step.

There´s no obligation. Let´s just have a heart-felt chat to see where you´re at.

You can take that first step to becoming a JoySeeker today.


Click the button below and set up an exploration call to see if we´re a good fit.

Jan Marie, you are just so easy to work with. You ask the right questions, you know your stuff which helped me feel completely confident in your ability at help me what I needed to know. You’ve taught so much!

Thank you for saving me! You really helped me sort everything out and see what was the most important, so I could set priorities and get myself moving forward again.

Working with someone who knows what they’re doing is such a huge help. You’re so good at what you do and you are a ton of fun to work with. Thank you, again!

Nancy M.

Frequently Asked Questions

I still have questions, where can I find answers?

You are welcome to reach out to me here. Ask me any questions you have, and I will get back to you with my answers, as quickly as possible.

Are there any restrictions around scheduling my monthly calls?

Each four-month package is valid for 150 days from the date of purchase, which gives you added flexibility for scheduling your sessions.

If you find yourself needing more time, please bring it up during one of your sessions and we will work together to find a solution.

The reason I set limits to my coaching packages is for ease of planning. I only work with a small number of clients at any one time, and setting limits allows me to be clear on my availability and helps me ensure that all my clients are able to schedule their sessions in a timely fashion.

Do our sessions have to be online?

Most of my clients are located across the globe, so this is simply the most effective way to go.

At times, I have coached people on the phone or in person, only to find that they get very easily distracted.

My online coaching “zoom-room” has several advantages: Not only are we able to hear each other, but we can see each other as well. It also makes it easy for me to show and explain things to you.

For these reasons, yes – all coaching is done exclusively online. (If you´re worried about the tech-side of things, don´t be. I´ll make it as easy for you as I possibly can.)

What do I do if I bought a package and now I´ve changed my mind?

If you purchased a package following your exploration session and you´d like to withdraw from your commitment, you have 24 hours before the first scheduled coaching session to do so.

Simply send me an email requesting a refund. If, however, you´ve already had your first coaching session, I will deduct $150 from the full price of the package before sending you the refund.

That said, I hope you will speak with me first. You had a good reason for committing to coaching in the first place. Perhaps your desire to withdraw is exactly why coaching would be particularly valuable for you in your life right now.

What do I do, if I'm still not sure whether coaching is right for me?

The exploration session is perfect for getting all of your questions answered. If there´s still something you need to know, you can reach out to me on my contact page. Ask any further questions you have and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Umm, who are you again?

Thank you for asking =)

You can go HERE to find out more about me. 

As a short introduction though, my name is Jan Marie Mueller and I am a life coach for JoySeekers.

I love helping women learn to manage their emotions and reconnect with themselves, so they can (finally!) create the balance, bliss and meaning that´s been missing in their lives.

When I´m not coaching, you can find me writing, spending time with my family, or out walking in the woods with my little dog, Cinni.

Life hasn´t always been smooth sailing but I like to think I´m able to find joy and positivity wherever I go – and, if I can´t find it, I make it!  Come join me and I´ll help you do the same.

What Others Are Saying…

Thank so much, Jan Marie. I cannot thank you enough for helping me step past my comfort zone. You supported me and helped me stick to my commitments – especially those to myself. You helped me commit to things that needed to be done to help move me forward in every area of my life.

You have a special way of listening and getting what is making me feel confused.

I can’t wait to see what the coming months will be bring on the table for me, especially with you as my coach!

Joyce J.

Jan Marie helped me figure out and prioritize the steps I needed to take, thus giving me the clarity I was seeking. Within a few weeks I noticed a change in my life, my business, and in how I operated.

My self-belief grew! Most importantly, I started loving my life again =)

Jan Marie, you are by far the best decision I’ve made this year – thank you.

Janice B.

It was a pleasure to work with Jan Marie.

As a coach, she has a fantastic ability to connect with you, and works in a very systematic and organized way. That was exactly what I needed. I really liked the combination of her cheerful nature and her support in moving me forward.

If you want to see progress in your life, she´s the coach to go to.

Tomas S.

Balance is not something you find, it´s something you create.


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