Activating Awareness In 3 Simple Steps


Because it means looking closely at our own emotions, thoughts and actions, developing deeper awareness about ourselves can be very challenging.

It´s not always easy being up front and honest with yourself about what´s really going on inside.

And yet, that´s really the first step in defining and creating the Brilliant life you  want and deserve.

Deeper self-awareness doesn´t just give you a better understanding of what drives and motivates you in life, it also helps you: 

  • Manage your emotions more effectively
  • Silence the negative mental chatter inside your head
  • Communicate better in your relationships
  • Connect with a sense of purpose
  • Attract and radiate more joy in life

Put simply, self-awareness is a kind of objective observation where you practice observing your thoughts and emotions without judgment or expectation.

Here´s how to get started:

Begin by noticing the mental chatter going on inside your head and the feelings it creates in you throughout your day.

Understand that it is okay to have thoughts, feelings and reactions that are not always happy, positive and productive.

Objectively observing your thoughts and feelings is not always fun; and it isn´t always easy. That´s because it means having to spend time dealing with things we´d much rather sweep under the carpet and ignore.

Actively and consciously practice these 3 simple steps and you will feel less stress. Others actions will stop having such a negative impact on you and you will feel much more in tune with yourself and the world around you.

Done consistently, the change to your life can be profound!



Did you know there are studies showing that the majority of us are holding our breath; utilizing as much as 30% less lung capacity than we actually have?

Whether you realize it or not, the way you breathe leads to an immediate physiological response.

And, while not everyone is into meditation or yoga, we all have the power to control the way we breathe. When you find yourself feeling stressed, breathe deeply and visualize the oxygen gently flowing to the area in your body that is irritated and stressed.

Doing this automatically increases your sense of awareness – about your body, your thoughts and your feelings. It also clears the path for a healing response.


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It´s so easy to use your busy schedules as an excuse for not making time for the most important person in your life…you.

(I know because I fall into this trap myself.)

Developing deeper awareness needs space.

So, take a minute now to turn off your phone. Switch off the TV or the radio. And create a space for 5 minutes’ worth of quiet time – just for you.

Unplugged, unhurried and separate from the hustle and bustle that is your everyday life.

On an emotional level, getting clear on my perfect day vision has galvanized me into action and helps keep me motivated when things don´t always go right. It’s made it easier to say no to people and things that aren’t aligned with my new exciting life plan.

Taking the time to define your perfect day can also spark an unstoppable passion and new-found happiness in you.

At the very least it will get you thinking about the joy-filled life you could have and the one you deserve. So, don’t sell yourself short. Put the effort into discovering what lights you up inside and then start taking small steps to make it a reality. That is what life´s all about and I´m here to help you see it through.

Quiet reflection can open the door to profound insights into your inner world. Reflect on your day and on yourself by thinking about the following:


  • How you are feeling in the moment
  • What you have learned from the day so far
  • How that makes you feel
  • Your responses to different situations
  • How you might have responded more effectively
  • What you are grateful for in your life
  • Your intentions for the rest of the day
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Spending a few minutes writing in a daily journal helps you put stressful thoughts and feelings on paper so you can revisit and reflect on them later.

Doing this is tremendously freeing and powerfully effective in helping you understand how closely your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are intertwined.

Writing makes it easier to tap into subconscious emotions we may otherwise be overlooking or suppressing.

Think of your journal as a canvas for self-expression and introspection. Share your deepest and most heart-felt thoughts as a way of observing them with greater clarity and understanding.

Cultivating a truly warm and loving relationship with yourself begins with these 3 simple steps:

  • Breathe
  • Reflect
  • Record

As you activate and deepen your awareness, you may be surprised at the joy you discover already inside of you.

Welcome it. Embrace it. Live it.


Jan Marie

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Activating Awareness
Activating Awareness


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