Ever wish you had more control over your emotions?

There is a way. Let me show you how to shift any emotion – in minutes


Your Dreams Matter

But you won´t live them, doing what you´ve always done


Life coaching for JoySeekers who want more balance, bliss & meaning in life


Everyone´s happy – just not you…


You´re tired of getting excited about something one minute and feeling a total lack of self-confidence, the next. You´re frustrated because – no matter what you do – you feel more and more stuck.

You are SO ready to make a change!

There´s got to be something you can do…but what?!

Coach Jan Marie

Hi, my name´s Jan Marie

As a life coach, I love helping women just like you create exactly the life they want to live.

I believe the best way to live a happy, joy-filled, meaningful life is to stop defining it by what others are doing. It´s much better to create a life that´s joyfully aligned with you.

If living an “okay” life just isn´t enough anymore…

If you want to learn to manage your emotions, so you can live from a place of balance and bliss…

If you´re ready to reconnect with yourself on a deep level and explore what that looks like for you…

Then welcome, you´re in the right place!

There´s a Life of Joy Waiting Just  For You

It can be hard when every emotion you feel has you doubting yourself, questioning your choices and wondering why this keeps happening to you. Instead of moving towards a life you love, you feel frustrated and stuck – like nothing will ever change!

It doesn´t have to be like that.

Let me help you…

Balance your emotions

Find inner peace

Rediscover you

And (finally!) connect with the meaning that´s missing in your life.


Joy´s waiting for you – are you ready to embrace it?

Considering Life Coaching?

Life coaching is not about ideas and advice on what you should be doing. It´s practical life guidance for discovering why you do what you do and how you can do things differently for a more joyful life experience, overall.


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Emotions Out of Control?

Are you frustrated and unhappy with yourself and your life? Do you feel like you´re on an emotional rollercoaster and you can´t get off?  Don´t let your emotions control you. Discover how you can shift any emotion in just 5 minutes.


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Where you can find the latest inspiration worth sharing on how to create a that is joyfully aligned with you!

What Others Are Saying… 


Jan Marie, before working with you, I wasn’t even aware of some hindering beliefs that have so often stopped me before, the need to be “perfect” at any cost being one of them. Your patience, wisdom and optimism empowered me to achieve some major breakthroughs in my business and my private life – within weeks! I can´t thank you enough!

Irina W.

Before working with Jan Marie as my coach I had difficulty organizing and strategizing the steps I needed to take to move forward with my goals. I decided it was time to stop struggling by myself and seek help!

Jan Marie helped me figure out and prioritize the steps I needed to take, thus giving me the clarity I was seeking. Within a few weeks I noticed a change in my life, my business, and in how I operated.

My self-belief grew! Most importantly, I started loving my life again =)

Jan Marie, you are by far the best decision I’ve made this year – thank you.

Janice B.

Ready for more balance & joy in your life?

Living a joyful life won´t happen if you continue doing what you´ve always done. It starts with the relationship you have with yourself and how you manage the voice inside your head…

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